A company-wide commitment to diversity

As a certified minority- and women-owned business, Pinnacle Group understands and appreciates the contributions that diverse talent and suppliers make to our company, our economy, and our country. For that reason, Pinnacle Group diligently pursues diverse talent and suppliers.

The foundation of Pinnacle Group is a culture of Diversity and Inclusion.

Pinnacle Group's industry expertise is enhanced by the diverse insights of our global workforce, which is the foundation of our diversity and inclusion program strategy.

See it Be it.

We know that without role models you can’t be what you can’t see. When women and minorities see themselves as scientists, technologists, and engineers, the path becomes attainable and organizations and communities win.

Building a community of diverse suppliers.

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Diverse people fueling diverse awards.

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Pinnacle Group is a
certified woman- and Hispanic-owned firm.