We're intentionally committed to
developing & nurturing a diverse supply base

See how we're helping

We're experts in building Tier 1 & 2 diversity, equity & inclusion programs that provide opportunities to diverse suppliers

Our proven approach to building a diverse and inclusive supplier base creates exclusive opportunities for minority-owned and diverse-owned suppliers, levels the playing field, and helps create a network of diverse/minority owned suppliers that are mentored for success.


A focus on supplier equity

Supplier success is our goal

We ensure minority-owned suppliers can succeed through engaging them where they have the strongest capabilities, ensuring consistent alignment, and offering access to best-in-class analytics to understand and manage performance.
Proven Results

A partner with proven results

Our process provides opportunity for diverse suppliers to develop and grow

Since 2015, minority-owned partners have representation on 98% of requirements and made 43% of placements – including supplier partners that have multiplied their growth by over 8x within a competitive sourcing environment.

Focused Partnerships
Results focused

Our approach to supplier diversity starts with the basics – a focused partnership.

to engage

Suppliers climb with us

Outstanding performance on current MSP accounts can qualify suppliers for new opportunities across Pinnacle MSP accounts.

Our team members are here to help

Dedicated Pinnacle Group associates are available to ensure questions and concerns are answered –  anything from the status of open requests to distribution list alignment, we're here to help our suppliers succeed.

Integrity through

Whether it be distribution alignment or requirement reviews, we ensure suppliers are fully aligned to their status within the program.
  • Analytics are provided to suppliers to ensure alignment to current and historical performance as well as to identify areas for improvement.
  • Request reviews are scheduled to ensure suppliers have the most up to date information on the status of their open requests.

Emphasis on
performance & quality

Opportunity created from success
  • Performance-driven requirement distribution model rewards top suppliers with new opportunities.
  • Pinnacle Group engages with our suppliers to align opportunities that match their strongest capabilities.

Laser-focused on value from supplier to client.

Dynamic Supplier Selection

Dynamic supplier selection optimizes program efficiency through the use of real-time performance analytics, which ensures the best suppliers source on roles within each vertical

Customized KPI Approach

Performance KPI’s are tailored to client goals and initiatives, such as savings, diversity, speed to market, and risk mitigation

Partnership Creation

Pinnacle Group's partnership-based focus with our supply base ensure alignment to client goals and initiatives

Data-Driven Compliance

Analytics, powered by Tableau, inform supplier management processes within policy enforcement, performance management, and operations

Pinnacle Supplier Portal

Our proprietary, one-stop solution for supplier management houses contract management, audit enforcement, contact management, diversity status verification, VMS/program training, scorecards, and more

Supplier Network

Our network of suppliers  and established relationships, allows Pinnacle Group to attract qualified suppliers with a track record quality and performance