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Transitioning from a Legacy MSP/VMS Relationship


A decade-long relationship that had long since run its course

A leading utility had a decade-long business relationships with an MSP provider that had been underinvesting in the program. Spend was low and not growing, compliance issues were significant, and customer satisfaction was virtually non-existent. In addition, the customer was using the MSP’s proprietary VMS technology rather than a leading commercial solution.

The Challenge

Complete MSP/VMS transition without meaningful legacy MSP support

The customer needed to transition away from both the VMS technology and the MSP support at the same time and with minimal disruption. Upon notification of their replacement, the legacy MSP/VMS provider offered only minimal support to Pinnacle, making the timely transition more complex and difficult than it otherwise needed to be.


Gen 1 implementation approach coupled with robust data & analytics

Pinnacle has significant expertise with uncooperative MSP providers, particularly during program transition. As a result, we have developed deep experience in data extraction and transformation, coupled with a robust VMS implementation methodology that we can apply to any commercial VMS. As a result, we can operate with only minimal cooperation from the legacy MSP and/or VMS – which in this case happened to be the same firm.

As in all transitions, suppliers were notified of program transition as of a specific date. Pinnacle was able to develop all program documentation, onboarding materials, and data extractions on time and without the support of the legacy MSP. Additionally, our deep expertise in VMS implementation and configuration enabled us to design a seamless and accurate data transfer process.

In addition to our data extraction and transformation, Pinnacle identified a number of compliance errors and ongoing risk that we were able to mitigate either pre-transition or shortly thereafter. The end result is a highly performing program with a commercial VMS solution that meets the clients rigorous compliance and reporting needs.


High customer satisfaction, strong compliance, and significant program growth

The program’s overall success, renewed focus on customer service, and significant reduction in compliance issues combined to generate a a surge in customer satisfaction. The following two years have been marked by program growth in excess of 100% as more business units embrace the program as their preferred talent partner.

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